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The way technology has advanced over the years

60 years ago things were very different people didn’t have today’s advances in technology particularly mobile ‘phones which we all now take for granted. In those days making a telephone call was made through a fixed landline or a bulky radio telephone and radio was the main form of entertainment outside of the cinema.

 By the end of that decade TV was in most homes but it came in with a big box supporting all the electronic gadgets and the large picture tube. Now TV’s are really cool with slim or TFT devices and plasma screens that give remarkable imagery, the very latest being high definition or HD which have remarkably sharp pictures, a million miles away from the sets of only a few years ago. It is not just the advances in technology that have given us these slim sharp images, the cost has fallen dramatically. By searching through comparison sites it is now possible to buy a modern TV for what amounts to a week’s wage which is a far cry from the cost of a set in times past which would have set you back a month or two wage packet.