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Forget 3D, Quattron technology is here

The whole world and its mother seem to be talking about 3D right now it’s the very latest gismo and that’s where the hype machine is headed, to an extent unprecedented since the first arrival of HD. Many s till think 3-D TV has an iffy future, but if you’re willing to make the leap of faith, you may as well invest in decent hardware. Sharp’s new Quattron TV models compensate for the dimness that mars the 3-D experience by adding yellow as part of the company’s propriety Quad Pixel technology (most sets use a red/blue/green filter). The sets are capable of converting standard 2-D content, adding a 3-D effect that helps to address that whole lack of content issue, they are also Internet ready.

For a start, Sharp reckons pictures should look as much as 20 per cent brighter than those of a ‘normal’ LCD TV, due to the yellow pixel having a greater level of transparency and thus making it easier for the TV’s lighting to pass through than the red, green and blue pixels. The set’s colour response, for instance, is utterly spectacular, the range, purity, dynamism and simple believability of its colour palette across all sources is startling.