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HTC Mobile Phone Deals

Just a few years ago HTC was a virtually unheard of company in the world of mobile phones, but with a steady release of top of the range Smartphone’s the Chinese company is slowly but surely pushing its way to the top. One reason for this is perhaps HTC’s recent enthusiasm for Android from Google, an operating system that is quickly becoming recognised as the phone OS of choice. It provides all of the same features you can find on the popular Apple OS, along with many improvements, but also has the added advantage of appearing on a wide range of different phones.

With its increasing popularity, some cracking HTC deals are now appearing on the market and if you search for these you will be able to own one of the best mobile ‘phones around for just a few pounds a month. Having a free HTC handset from as little as £25 per month is now available on a contract, with free texts and 500mb of data thrown in too.