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Flat panel TVs keep getting thinner

It was not long ago that the concept of a flat panel TV took us all by storm.  We had grown accustom to our large CRT TVs that weighed a considerable amount.  The new plasma and LCD TVs presented an opportunity for us to free up some space on our entertainment stand which many of us took advantage of.  These new flat panel TVs were expensive but they certainly looked much better than the old TVs.

Now it appears as though these LCD and plasma TVs are going to quickly become old news.  New technologies including LED and OLED are producing flat panel TVs that are impressively thin.  Many of the first flat panel TVs that were introduced were still several inches thick.  New TVs designed with LED and OLED technologies could one day hang on our walls and appear to be flush mounted.

Flat panel TVs based on LED technology are more widely available.  Samsung has introduced a line of LED TVs that are as thin as 3mm.  The screens on these TVs range up to 55 inches in size.  Until OLED technology is developed further, LED appears to be the choice if you want a thinner flat panel TV today.