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Pelican Purple 4 in 1 Heat Press

If you’re looking at starting out in t shirt printing then your best option is to look for a heat press. They can start at very low prices but that will only get you a budget heat press around £500 will get you a Pelican Purple Press 1515HP which will have an 15”x15” area of print press.

If you have a little bit more to spend then £800 should see you with a Pelican Purple 4 in 1. This heat press can be used for printing on mugs and China plates to t shirts and caps. This 4-1 press also has a very small footprint.

Been able to use a heat press is a great start into the world of t shirt printing and corporate merchandise.

You could even come up with your own design and start selling your items on eBay or locally at carboot sales.

Pelican Purple 4 in 1

Pelican Purple 4 in 1