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New Xbox 360 unleashed into the wild!

Microsoft not only impressed everyone with their new Kinect motion sensor controller for the Xbox 360 (formally known as project Natal), but also revealed a newly designed version of their Xbox 360 console. Simply known as the New Xbox 360, this console boasts a new sleeker gloss black finish with chrome edges and a massive 250GB hard drive.

The gloss black case now has touch sensitive buttons to turn the console on and eject discs which all add to the design, but the best news is that the New Xbox 360 is a lot quieter than the original system thanks to a low-RPM fan and the whole box is smaller too.

Another great feature of the New Xbox 360 is that it comes with built-in Wi-Fi, meaning that you don’t have to spend an extra £60 to buy the Microsoft dongle. There is also an integrated Kinect socket on the back which controls the sensor and power simultaneously (owners of the original Xbox 360 will have to use a USB socket and separate power adaptor).

The New Xbox 360 is set to replace the current Elite system, so we would expect it to be around the same price. Microsoft has also stated that the Arcade system will be discontinued as well meaning that there may be a slightly cheaper version with a smaller hard drive.