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OnLive Gaming Service coming to the UK

It’s been a while since we first saw the OnLive Gaming Service, but unfortunately it was only available for Beta testing in the US. All this has changed today with OnLive’s announcement that it has teamed up with BT to offer the service to UK residents, Yay!

The OnLive gaming service allows users to play up to date games on any PC or Mac without the need to upgrade their components. Users simply pay for the game they want and click play, the game is then streamed to their computer as they play it via the state-of-the-art OnLive server centre.

The new deal will allow BT to have exclusive rights to bundle the OnLive Gaming Service with their broadband packages, while other users wanting the service can order it direct from OnLive. There are no details yet as to when the service will be available in the UK, but the service will be available in the US from the 17th June and includes up to date games such as Assassins Creed, Mass Effect 2 and Prince of Persia.