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Konnet PowerV Quad recharges 4 Wii remotes wirelessly!

Have you even invited your friends round to have a few games on the Nintendo Wii only to find out that one of the controllers is flat and you don’t have any spare batteries? Well your in luck because Konnet Technology has just announced their new Wii controller charger, the PowerV Quad.

As the name suggests, this charger can simultaneously charge 4 Wii controllers at the same time, but the most interesting thing is that it does it wirelessly. The PowerV Quad comes with 4 rechargeable batteries that when fitted to th Wii remotes mean that all you have to do is place them in the sculpture like cradles.

The PowerV Quad will charge the Wii remotes even if they have their silicone covers on as well, and will stop charging the remotes when they are full to save energy. Each cradle has a reference light next to it which turns red when charging and blue when fully charged.

The PowerV Quad Wii remote charger is available in the states at the moment for $49.99, but it should’nt be too long before it hits our shores.