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Sony Walkman B153

Sony has been synonymous with great portable music players since the introduction of the Walkman back in 1979 and the new Sony Walkman b153 is no exception. Although Apple’s iPod has taken much of the market share for portable mp3 players, there is still a market for ultra small mp3 players without the trills of the iPod.

The Sony Walkman B153 has a 4GB internal hard drive and direct USB input that makes it easy to drag and drop any of your favourite songs from any computer and boasts a large jog wheel for easy control. It also features a range of equalisation settings as well as bass boost, but probably its best feature is the quick charge option, which means that a 3 minutes charge can give up to 90 minutes of playback time.

The Sony Walkman B153 will be available in June and will come in black, red, pink or blue. There is no word on price yet.