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Motorola Hot Pink RAZR V3

Hot pink RAZR V3 We couldn’t resist this new limited edition hot pink RAZR V3. It is certainly going to be the must have girly accessory for the next few months. The colour is so striking that people will definitely notice your new mobile phone. Why not stand out in a crowd with this new gadget. In the UK it is being sold exclusively by the Car Phone Warehouse where it is selling fast after a flurry of advertising campaigns.

The RAZR V3 itself is less than 14mm thick but does not lose any features. This stylish flip phone has a high definition colour screen and a built in camera that includes video playback and an Mp3 player. To organise all of those important events the RAZR has a calendar, email, voice dialing, a speakerphone and the ability to keep up to 1000 contacts stored on the phone. This phone is being released on the following networks, O2, Orange, Virgin Mobile and T-mobile.