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Sky 3D is coming sooner than you think!

BSKYB has announced that its first 3D channel, aptly named Sky 3D will launch on the 3rd of April with a Premier League football match between Manchester United and Chelsea. BSKYB also state that there have been over 1000 clubs and pubs that have signed up to the service and have bought 3D-ready TV sets in a deal between Sky and LG.

Five other Premier League matches will be shown in 3D this season as well as the Coca-Cola football league play-off finals from Wembley, with a range of other content expected to be rolled out later this year. The new Sky 3D channel will appear on Sky’s EPG, so anyone lucky enough to have a 3D-ready television can watch the content, which, at the moment is scarce and only features the odd sporting event and promotional adverts.