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Broadband Deals – O2 Broadband Premium

One of the most popular broadband deals at the moment is the O2 Broadband Premium package, which gives a super fast speed of up to 20Mbps and an unlimited download limit. O2 has made a major investment in their home and mobile broadband services over the past few years and has become one of the most popular internet service providers in the UK.

As with most home broadband packages, the O2 Broadband Premium comes bundled with a free wireless modem, but also comes with 3 licences for McAfee virus and security software so that all of your home computers can be protected.

If you are an existing O2 mobile customer you can take advantage of their money off promotion, meaning that you get O2 Broadband Premium for just £10 per month (Non-O2 mobile customers will be charged £15 per month. Set up is free and the contract length for all O2 broadband packages is 12 months; this does not include BT line rental which is £12.50 per month.

The O2 Broadband Premium package would suit medium to heavy internet users that download lots of music or videos and people that do a lot of online gaming either through a console or their PC.