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Sony Ericsson C510 – more than meets the eye!

The C510 from Sony Ericsson features the traditional candy-bar design. It is available in both black and silver. The phone’s keypad has a nice design that makes it very easy for users to text. It is of an average size, but the phone is unexpectedly light in weight. One of the main features of the phone is its built-in accelerometer. This allows the phone’s display to shift between portrait and landscape modes automatically when the phone is turned.

This CyberShot phone features a 3.2-megapixel camera. The camera is excellent, especially when compared with those of its rivals in its price range. The camera’s features include digital zoom, face detection, a LED flash, and autofocus. The phone has many features that are geared more towards those who like to take good snapshots rather than aspiring professional photographers. The C510 has the best camera phone in its price range.

The unit also features Sony’s music player and a radio. A headset is provided with the Sony Ericsson C510 but you have the option to use a wireless Bluetooth headset. This phone is proving to be a strong competitor in its price range with its 100MB memory. This memory is enough for a good number of tracks, but you also have the option of adding 4GB of memory.

This 3G phone features HSDPA that allows you to have high-speed access to the internet. USB and Bluetooth are its featured connectivity options. The C510 also has a reliable battery life.

The C510 is definitely one of the best phones in its class, offering users almost limitless options. The C510 can be considered one of the better phones to hit the mobile market recently.