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USB UK mains charger adapter

Going on holiday can now be bit of a pain as you need to take all the relevant chargers for your different gadgets, such as your I Phone and camera.
Well now you can get a USB mains charger which enables you to plug your gadgets in to the Mains charger via USB. This will cut down on weight in your suit case and having various chargers laying around your hotel room.

There are numerous different models about from the Veho VAA003 which only has one USB port on the plug and costs around £8 compared to a Twin USB UK mains charger which can be found for around £5.

The chargers feature a a built in LED to show you when your device is charging and fully charged.

These devices are great even if your at home as most gadgets have a mini USB jack which means its just plug and charge

USB Mains Charger

USB Mains Charger