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Fitness Gadgets – for a healthier lifestyle

When we think of fitness gadgets the first that comes to mind is the Wii Fit that is marketed by Nintendo, the game itself guides you through various exercise moves. The Wii Fit is still one of the bestselling video games in history and with retail price of around £60 it’s hardly surprising.

There are many more fitness gadgets out there, take for example the Body Bugg this is a device from Apex Fitness that monitors with its sensors your activity levels throughout the day and even has its own web program allowing you to carefully track food intake.

Then there is Nike + IPod which can track the progress of any work out, especially that early morning jog where you can calculate distance, pace and calories burned. The support kit for the Nike + IPod retails at around £18.00. Special running shoes are needed and access to a running machine is recommended.

The Kitrics Nutrition Label Scale is another handy fitness gadget used for weighing your food and seeing just how many calories, carbohydrates and fats are in the food that you are eating. The scale retails at around less than £30.

Our favourite fitness gadget of all is the Meal Measure, a really simple idea that allows you to manage the food portion sizes on a plate.