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Sky HD demand shows sharp rise

BSkyB has announced that demand for its High Definition service has been higher than expected during Q1 of 2009. In a push to sell its HD service, Sky cut its prices in January; this added more than 243,000 new customers to the service in the first three months of this year. The number of Sky HD households is now in excess of one million.

The higher demand for Sky HD has meant that BSkyB has created an extra 750 customer service and installation jobs, with another 250 jobs planned.  As well as lowering its HD service charges, BSkyB also cut the price of its Sky Plus HD boxes to £49, in a bid to capitalise on the estimated 7 million households who have already got High Definition Televisions.

The company’s report also shows that its operating profits were up by 13% since the start of its financial year last July, and 15% of its customers now have the whole package including TV, Broadband and telephony.

Although the figures are promising for the beginning of the year, chief executive Jeremy Darroch stated that he believes that the rest of the year would be a challenge, adding that: “In this environment, and at a time when people are spending more time at home, we will continue to provide our customers great entertainment and money-saving broadband and telephony.”