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Road Angel Satellite Navigator

Road Angel Here is a UK designed and manufactured Satellite Navigation system that is also a speed camera and traffic black spot alert system. It retails out at just under £600 but it’s worth every penny in our opinion here at Techlounge.

The Road Angel has state of the art touch screen and a full integrated QWERTY keyboard that makes it so easy to tap in the postcode, or street name into the device. One thing that we all find annoying is that with some Sat Nav systems it takes so long to set the route up before you set off. With the Road Angel it uses predictor text so it is even easier.

The maps are displayed in either 2D or 3D depending what your preference is, and set up is easy. The colour screen makes it very clear where you need to be going and there are also voice prompts that can be set up to let you know to turn at your preferred warning time. The most useful thing about the Road Angel is that it will check your speed when you are coming up to speed cameras and traffic black spots. The updates are done via USB and you have to subscribe for the monthly downloads.