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Apple introduces the new iPod Shuffle

Apple has unveiled the new iPod Shuffle, which is now the smallest audio player in the world and is also the first to introduce VoiceOver, which tells you what song you’re listening to by saying it to you. The new iPod Shuffle has its controls mounted on the headphones as opposed to being on the unit itself, meaning that it measures just 45.2 x 7.8mm.

With the new control layout, you can navigate through your music and activate the VoiceOver command without looking, making it easier to concentrate on what you are doing. The new iPod Shuffle has an internal 4GB flash drive capable of holding up to 1000 of your favourite tunes and battery power has also been increased, meaning that it will last up to 10 hours when fully charged.

The device is made from stainless steel and has a small clip on the back so you can attract it to your clothes or bag without worrying about it getting lost. There is also space to personalise the Shuffle’s clip with the text of your choice.

The VoiceOver feature is really unique and at the touch of a button, the iPod will tell you what track you are listening to and it can even announce the names of your playlists as well. The VoiceOver feature can also speak in 14 different languages so it can tell you artists and songs in there correct languages.

The new iPod Shuffle is available in silver or black and comes bundled with Apple’s headphones with remote and a USB cable for charging; the iPod Shuffle is available now from the Apple website for £59 each.