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I-MU Vibrating Speaker – changes any hard surface into a speaker!

The I-MU Vibration speaker is a brilliant device capable of turning any hard surface, be it wood, glass or plastic into an impressive sounding speaker. The technology used by the I-MU Speaker was originally designed for the US Navy and transforms sonic audio signals into sonic mechanical vibrations, meaning that any hard surface will transmit your music.

The I-MU Vibro is mains powered and comes with a standard 3.5mm connection, meaning that a wide range of music devices and phones can be used with it. Becuase the I-MU speaker has a super-energy crystal speaker, the device itself is only 8cm wide and 12cm high, so is fully portable and it can transmit your music using up to 30 watts of power (depending on which surface it is on).

The I-MU Vibro speaker may not be for everyone and the sound quality does depend on the surface being used, but it is sure to find a home with people who have a music player and want a unique speaker to go with it.

The I-MU Vibro Speaker is available in white, pink and black and retails for around the £50 mark.