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One For All Xsight Touch Universal Remote

One For All has revealed its latest universal remote, called the Xsight Touch. This new remote features a 2.2 inch colour touchscreen display, and is capable of controlling up to 18 devices from a single remote.

The Xsight Touch can store up to 72 favourites, which are displayed as icons and will change to a specific channel if selected on the touchscreen. Favourites can also be put into profiles for users such as Mum, Dad, Kids or by genres like Sports and Movies, with up to 6 profiles available on each remote.

The One For All Xsight touch can be updated by USB, so new features and applications can be downloaded, adding to the remotes functions. It also features an easy setup mode, using the EZ-RC application via the internet; this enables all of your devices to be added to the remote with a click of the mouse.

The Xsight Touch keypad is backlit so it can be seen in low light situations, and the rechargeable Li-Ion battery and charging cradle means that it will never run out of juice.

The One For All Xsight Touch is available now from leading retailers for £129.99.