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Griffin PowerDock – Charges up to 4 iPods at the same time

Griffin Technology has a range of innovative accessories for the iPod and iPhone, and the newest of these is the Griffin Powerdock. Designed as a power solution for the iPod, the Powerdock allows charging of up to 4 iPods at the same time. There are two models, the Powerdock 2 for 2 iPods and the Powerdock 4 for charging up to 4 iPods.

This elegantly designed charger is finished in brushed aluminium and has rubber grips on the bottom to keep in on your work surface or desktop. The Powerdock plugs straight into the wall and will charge any combination of iPod models.

Each Powerdock comes with a set of 8 universal adaptors that are compatible with most iPods, iPod nano’s, iPod Touch and even the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. The Griffin Powerdock is an ideal solution if you have multiple iPods in your household.

The Griffin Powerdock is available now for around £25 (2 iPod charger) and £40 (4 iPod charger).