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Sony X-series walkman set to take on iPod Touch

Sony has announced a new range of walkman MP3 players to compete with the iPod Touch. The X-series walkman has an impressive 3 inch touchscreen OLED display with a resolution of 432×240.

The X-series will be the first Sony Walkman to have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so you can browse the web, download podcasts and DRM-free tracks straight from iTunes as well as watch content from the BBC iPlayer.

The X-series walkman will be available in 16GB or 32GB versions and can play various audio and video formats. Together with the touchscreen, the X-series also has buttons to access certain features and improve navigation.

The device is also the first to offer digital noise cancelling technology to block out ambient noise and bundled with the device is a pair of EX headphones, carry case and charging stand with USB connection.

There is no word on price yet, but expect it to be competitive with the iPod touch. The Sony X-series Walkman will be available before summer in the UK.