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PURE i-10 iPod Dock – Listen to your iPod through your Hi-Fi or DAB radio

PURE is one of the leading manufacturers of DAB digital radios in the world, and with its superior design and sound, PURE Digital boasts the best selling EVOKE and Chronos ranges as well as many other DAB digital radios and accessories.

The latest accessory by PURE is the i-10 Universal iPod Dock, that will connect your iPod to any 3.5mm stereo line input or auxiliary socket, meaning that you can play your favourite tune through your home stereo or DAB radio.

The PURE i-10 is simple and stylishly designed with black and silver accents; the iPod fits into the dock at the top and can be controlled by the included remote, which can control most of the iPod’s functions such as scrolling through menus, skipping tracks and changing the volume.

The PURE i-10 iPod Dock will also charge your iPod when used with the AC adaptor, and the 1 meter long 3.5mm connector cable means that the dock doesn’t need to be close to your Hi-Fi.

The PURE i-10 is priced at around £29.99, and the bonus of a remote and the fact that you don’t have to plug it into the wall to work, will appeal to many. The PURE i-10 is available now from major retailers.