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PopStar Guitar for the Nintendo Wii

Midway and XS Games have announced a new guitar game and add-on peripheral exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. The game, called PopStar Guitar is basically a copy of the highly popular Guitar Hero franchise, but instead of having a guitar shaped controller, a slip on Wii remote add-on is used.

The new AirG peripheral provides the Wii remote with four coloured buttons for use with PopStar Guitar, which has over 60 songs by various artists. During the game, you take control of the lead guitarist and can choose from 12 playable characters (6 male and 6 female), you also form your own band and can choose from 70 different styles of instruments including 40 lead and rhythm guitars, 20 bass guitars and 10 drum kits.

PopStar Guitar also features 25 different venues for you to show off your guitar skills, and has three different skill levels, easy, medium and hard. Strumming is also possible by connecting a nunchuck to the Wii remote and moving it up and down in your free hand.

PopStar Guitar will be out at the end of November for around £29.99, and will contain one AirG Wii remote add-on.