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Tangent Trio FM and Digital Radio

Tangent has a new range to fit in with their hugely successful table radio range, the Tangent Trio. The Tangent Trio not only combines FM and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radio it also boasts an alarm clock so you can wake up to your favourite radio stations.

Using Tangents vast knowledge of building quality audio systems, you can be sure that the Trio will provide you with a superior sound. The Tangent Trio can be manually or automatically tuned to a radio station and the integrated display will tell you which radio station you’re on, information about the track and even what’s coming up next.

A 3 inch full range speaker is mounted on the top for superior sound, and has a maximum power output of 5W. Other features include a timer function for the alarm clock, as well as snooze button and a headphone socket, line out and aux in connections on the back.

The Tangent Trio is available in eight different colours; perfect for matching it to your current colour schemes.