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Arcam AVR600 High-Definition AV Receiver

Arcam has announced their new flagship AV receiver, the AVR600. Sporting a full metal case, the AVR600 will be available from November and set you back around £2300 when it’s launched. You may be thinking it’s a bit steep, but the AVR600 boasts the latest in High-Definition audio and video processing combined with Dolby Volume.

The Arcam AVR600 has a minimalist and sleek design and not only decodes the latest HD media with superior sound quality; it is also capable of upscaling and upconversion. The AVR600 is one of the first receivers to feature Dolby Volume, which equalises the volume of all incoming audio so that there are no spikes in volume.

Arcam has fitted the AVR600 with 5 HDMI sockets for all your latest home cinema add-ons and features a power amplifier with 7X120 Watts of power for your speakers. A huge array of controls can be customised in the receiver, so it can be set up to your exact preferences.

With its superior sound quality and High-Definition playback, the Arcam AVR600 is set to make a big splash in the home cinema market when it’s released in November.