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TVonics 250GB freeview recorder

TVonics new freeview recorder, the DTR-FP2500 is one of the better looking boxes on the market and has a lot of feature as well. The DTR-FP2500 boasts a supper sleek design, dual tuners and a 250GB hard drive.

The dual tuners allow you to record one channel while watching another and can record up to 125 hours of TV programs and digital radio on its huge hard drive. An 8 day program guide means that you can set up recordings for the whole week or record an entire series with a touch of a button.

With the DTR-FP2500 you can also pause and rewind live digital channels and you can start to watch recordings before the program has finished. The DTR-FP2500 also includes two SCART sockets, parental controls and a universal remote that can control most TV and DVD player brands.

The TVonics DTR-FP2500 digital recorder is available now from its website, priced at £179.99.