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Ixos HDMI Adapters

Ixos have extended their HDMI range with the introduction of their new HDMI Adapters the XS118 and XS218 adapters. The XS118 and XS218 are ideal for side mounted HDMI inputs and keeps wires out of sight due to its 90 degree angle.

Both adapters feature Ixos’ patented 4 layer PC board that minimises FEXT (Far End Cross Talk)by stabilising the impedance at the plug, TRU-HD for an official high definition performance of up to 1080p and gold plated connectors to provide a long life and a maximum signal.

Unlike the XS118, the XS218 features Ixos’ iVEC passive circuitry. The iVEC circuitry equalises the digital signal and allows a cable to be up to 4 meters longer, whilst still producing the best 1080p signal. This is especially good for home cinema systems that exceed the normal 7.5 meter cable.

Both the XS118 and XS218 are available now for £14.99 and £29.99 respectively and are ideal for anyone who has those annoying side mounted HDMI slots on their home entertainment system.