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Mordaunt-Short Alumni 2 Speakers

Mordaunt-Short has been producing high quality and stylish home cinema and stereo speakers for many year now, and the Alumni 2 speakers are no exception. The Alumni 2 satellite speakers benefit from Mordaunt-Short’s vast speaker experience with an improved signal path, produced by an upgraded crossover that improves clarity and detail whilst reducing distortion.

Each speaker features a 1 inch dome tweeter made from aluminium the delivers dynamic accuracy and enhanced resolution, while the 3.5 inch mid/bass speaker provides superior audio reproduction.

The curved shape of the speakers minimise the build up of standing waves for a crisper, more realistic sound. Inside the speaker, the wadding has been improved to give support and strengthen the speakers and helps with the damping process.

The Alumni 2 speakers also feature industry standard mountings and are Omnimount ready, this means that you can choose from a wide range of speaker stands to suit your home. The optional Alumni stands are an ideal companion to the Alumni 2 speakers, and feature integrated cable management.

Available in black and white, the Alumni 2 speakers will set you back around £139.99 per pair, with the optional Alumni stands at £79.99.