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Mio’s Knight Rider GPS gives you directions from K.I.T.T.

Mio Technology has announced a new GPS unit sporting the widely popular 1980’s TV series Knight Rider. Knight Rider was a hit back in the 80’s and propelled the career of David Hasselhoff, who was a crime fighter helped by a Pontiac Trans Am, fully modified to do an array wonderful stuff and could drive itself called K.I.T.T.

The ever popular series has been repeated on most TV networks since its release, and has spawned a movie version which was released earlier this year and a revamped series set to hit US TV’s later this year.

The Mio Knight Rider GPS unit has licensed the official voice of K.I.T.T. from the 80’s TV series, William Daniels, who faithfully directs you to your destination that even The Hoff would be proud of. There is a full colour, touch sensitive widescreen within a sleek black case featuring red LED’s reminiscent of the Pontiac’s front grill on K.I.T.T. The green arrow marker has been replaced with a top view of the black Pontiac Trans Am, which pinpoints your position exactly.

Full specifications haven’t been released yet, but expect the Knight Rider GPS to be similar to the Mio Moov range only with the welcoming message “Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?” which rumours suggest that you can change to your name.

No word on a release date, but we imagine it will only be a couple of months and is set to be priced around the $270 mark. No news on whether it will be available in the UK yet.