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iPod alarm clock wakes you up with your favourite tunes

Gear 4 has added to its Blackbox product range with the Blackbox 24/7. This new version; the Blackbox 24/7 combines an iPod speaker dock, FM radio and an alarm clock all in one, there’s no excuse for not getting out of bed now. The 24/7 has two different alarm settings so you can set one up for your work during the week and the other to have that all important lie in on a weekend.

You can choose between a normal beeping alarm, the FM radio or wake up to your favourite tunes off your iPod. The blackbox 24/7 also emits a soft blue light when the alarm is going off.

As mentioned above the 24/7 is an iPod speaker dock, and sound is produced by two 2.75 inch speakers that deliver a total of 16 watts. When your iPod is in the cradle it is charging, so you can be sure of a full battery when you’re on the go.

Modelled on the Blackbox and the Blackbox Mini, the 24/7’s sleek black styling and digital display would be a welcome sight on any bedside table. Priced at a modest £49.99, the Blackbox 24/7 comes with an AC adapter and romote control and is set to be a big hit this summer.