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Sennheiser Earphones for your iPhone

The absolute necessity for any iPhone owner is a decent set of earphones. Sennheiser’s new MM50 iPhone earphones will have you listening to your favourite tunes at a professional quality.

The MM50 iP reproduces stereo acoustics to ensure that you gain maximum pleasure from your iPod and iPhone, and with the included ear sleeve’s you can choose the optimum fit for your ears.

Thanks to Sennheiser’s expertise in electro acoustics the earphones give a natural isolation from environmental noise, whilst giving you an outstanding bass response.

The integrated answer/end button means that you will never miss a call again, and with a two year warranty the MM50 iP earphones will have you listening to tunes for years to come.

Available from major outlets now for around £50, the Sennheiser MM50 iP is set to make iPod and iPhone users ditch their apple earphones in favor of the professional quality of Sennheiser.