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Impossible Project unveils new camera for Polaroid format film

After successfully bringing Polaroid 600 instant film back from the brink of death, the Impossible Project realised that actually finding a working Polaroid camera that could use the film was near on impossible, so they have created their own.

The I-1 instant camera will be released in the US on the 10th May and retails for $299 and works in the same way as a classic Polaroid camera. Insert the film cartridge and take a picture, it’s as simple as that. Out pops a blank photo that slowly develops right in front of your eyes.

While the I-1 takes some design cues from the original Polaroid cameras it does have some modern differences. Surrounding the lens, you’ll find an LED circular lens flash which automatically adjusts based on the distance from the subject and ambient light. The I-1 also features a rechargeable battery.

Impossible Project 2

One of the best features though is a companion app that allows users to control the camera wirelessly via Bluetooth. The app gives users the ability to control shutter speed and aperture and can also use it as a remote trigger. You can also use the app to set up double exposures and long exposure shots.

There is no word on when the I-1 instant camera is coming to the UK, but we hope it’s soon so we can relive our youth with nostalgic pictures.



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