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Microsoft opens up Xbox One development kit to everyone

It was three long years ago when we heard a remark made by Microsoft about the future of their Xbox One, they suggested that it was to be a game console that would encourage and foster creativity and development. They went further and said that any retail unit could be converted into a development kit, which got people thinking. Finally at its annual build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft is to make good on that promise.

Well according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, he unashamedly said that windows is the best platform for the huge community of game developers, and it will be an open development ecosystem where anyone can build, deploy, and service their games and applications. According to Phil, this is something that ensures that games will run on the whole ecosystem of Windows devices, from smartphones to desktop PCs and the Xbox console.

For the many that are hoping to begin, or continue in game development, firstly it will be necessary to join the Windows 10 insider program, run Windows 10 on a PC that has a wired connection to your Xbox One. Also they will have to have the latest versions of Visual Studio and Windows, accessed through polygon.

To get a glimpse of the feature it will be available as a preview today, with the major caveat that it will not be fully ready for primetime until sometime in the summer. There is one condition though for those who are thinking that it is going to be open as Windows, they will be able to make any games that they want, however they must understand that anything they do make is subject to the same approval process that games go through now.

When Microsoft first muted this development, naturally people became very excited, rightly so, it was a step towards making development democratic and few would argue that it is not a great idea, we expect to see, as we have previously, all sorts of new, strange projects from unexpected places.

Are we optimistic about the Xbox One, yes we think so, but we will have to wait for at least it has been live for a year, who knows, it could be as open as we find Steam today, time will tell.



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