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Is this the Nintendo NX game controller?

The gaming world is excited by the rumours that Nintendo is shortly to unveil a new gaming console; the system is currently being called codenamed NX. Not a great deal is known about the rumoured console, but it is sure that it will delight core gamers, but what we can deduce is that it could be just what everyone has been looking for in a Nintendo console, but time will tell.

What we can understand from the leaks is that the new console is it uses ARM architecture and it will be more powerful than PlayStation4 and so any game that will run on PS4 will run on the new Nintendo without any trouble.

The second most important part of the new console has to be the controller and the rumours regarding this are naturally full of speculation as well as the usual false leaks. Nintendo are renowned for experimenting with their controllers, very often to the annoyance of users, they are hoping it is not just another crazy gimmick. What we can find out is that it is going to be an oval shaped one and is likely to have a massive touch screen, which would not be a surprise.

Nintendo Patent

Naturally rumours are just that and we will have to wait until the new Nintendo is finally released which is fairly sure to be sometime this year, what is certain is that there will be millions of gamers that will be delighted when it is.



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