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The Play Station Virtual Reality Headset will be cheaper than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Great news for reality gamers is the news that Sony are retailing their VR headset and what is conceived to be a “knock down” price of $399 in the US which converts to around £282 here in the UK. This price is certainly cheaper than Facebook’s Oculist rift which costs $599 and a massive $400 less than HTC’s Vive.

However, the PlayStation VR is seen as much less advanced by the two rivals, but experts as saying that it will still outsell the others, because as they say price does talk. As we understand Sony will not be releasing their VR until October which of course means that it will fail to meet its earlier target of the first half of 2016. It did however say that that it expects more than 50 games tailored to its headset will be available at its launch.

Unsurprisingly to many who visit the US it will not be selling at the same price here in the UK as the converted figure of £282 suggests, but will be £350 which includes VAT sales tax. It is of course unrealistic to compare pricing in different countries because of differing tax regimes and transport and distribution costs.

We know that virtual reality is a future for gamers and it involves a user’s vision being filled with computer-generated images, these cleverly move as they move their head in different angles and when they tilt the head. The result can mean that the user of the VR headset really does feel as though  they are actually in the environment being shown to them, a truly much more involved and engaging experience than they could possibly get through a monitor, or TV.

Research has revealed that by the end of this year, about 53 million people will eventually own a PlayStation 4 console, this is required to use the new PlayStation VR headset, they also are saying that they believe that 1.6 million people will buy Sony’s headset before 2017, limited only by the rate at which they can be produced.

It certainly looks as though Sony was given the pricing for their rivals’ headsets, it enabled them to be aggressive in the price of their VR, and they have certainly grasped the opportunity with both hands. What we do not know of course, is what Sony’s profit margin will be on the device, it would not be surprising if they were prepared to take a loss, at launch in order to capture a bigger slice of the market.



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