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Cross-console gaming – is this the news that gamers have been waiting for?

It has been a source of frustration for many people when for example one person has an Xbox One and their best “buddy” has perhaps a PS4, they cannot challenge each other across the gaming consoles, which is until now, if Microsoft has anything to do with it.

The computer software giant is announcing a development which will allow Xbox owners cross network play and it should allow the owners of Xbox, PS4 as well as PC gamers the opportunity to play against each other, something that Microsoft have been hinting at for some time, but never seeing it come to fruition.

There is one massive snag though and it is something that blights not just the high tech companies, but other competing companies too, which is it will require Sony to agree to participate, along with others as well, or it is dead in the water and users of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will not be able to compete against each other.

In making the announcement, Microsoft said that Rocket League will be the one of the first titles to support the cross networking gaming. They added that they are sending out “an open invitation” for the other networks to join in and participate with them. This of course would allow Sony, along with other console manufacturers’ gamers to compete against each other, irrespective of what console or other device that may be using.

The move by Microsoft promises to change the shape of gaming in the future, but only of course if they all get behind Microsoft and actively support the cross network idea.  If it does become a reality, then it is sure to open up and to remove the restriction that there is on console gaming. This still leaves the question of whether to allow PC gamers the chance to compete against console players, many consider that they have an advantage over a gamepad with their mouse and keyboard.

Just another bridge to cross it seems before we see total cross network gaming, but at least a start has been made, that is if Sony come on board.



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