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Drone team enters the Guinness Book of Records for carrying the heaviest cargo ever

The use of the drone is becoming something of a normal feature of everyday life and not just in a military context. However, what we have just seen puts the use of the drone into a whole new category as a team of engineer who are based at the University of Oslo have entered the Guinness Book of World Records, not for how high it may go, or how far it can travel, but weight lifting.

The team successfully set the record by lifting a 61 kilogram load with nothing than remote-controlled drones, well not quite a single drone, but a multi- rotor device that could remind some of the Voltron type which the team have named the Megacopter.

Tis comprises eight hexacopyters which have been chained together and it uses in total thirteen rotors which are powered by 48 individual motors all of which are mounted onto an aluminium and plywood frame. The clever use of all this power enabled them to raise the 61 kilogram load, which relates to slightly over 134 pounds, and held it in suspension for the required 37 seconds; this earned them their place in the Guinness Book of World Records. How long will they hold that distinction before someone else tries to break it we wonder, will the Ehang 134 try it on perhaps.

Check out the record setting video below:



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