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Grand Theft Auto IV: Initial Thoughts

With Grand Theft Auto IV hot of the press everyone seems to have got there copies if they pre-ordered, we quickly checked eBay earlier with copies selling for around £65, not bad if you bought 2 copies you’ve made a nice quick little profit.

The main worry was online play and how people would take to it with so many big games taking a lot of the online market place. Well we’ve just signed into Xbox Live and had a very short wait before we where spawned into Liberty City with a knife, pistol and some good old fashioned hand to hand combat, and spread around the death match arena are pistols, AK 47’s and rocket launchers. We are still to see if there is no boundary’s in the multi player game like it has been stated.

The main game play early on is quite dark so as soon as you damage your headlamps on your vehicle you almost driving blind, or so we thought but after messing about with a few settings, the game was fine and was nice and bright. This is quite strange to see how much the brightness of the game varies on its default setting from TV to TV.

The cars seem quite un-realistic to drive and are almost boat like swaying from side to side and tend to roll round the corners, let’s hope some of the high end cars will handle better than the more common ones.

Other little things we have noticed are, when running round tight corners there is a nice lean to Niko, also when you run into pedestrians in cars they don’t just flop over they tend to fall how you would expect them to fall in a real life situation.

San Andreas was one of our favourite GTA games as it had a lot of new features like gang wars and the ability to have a gang follow you around, will the new and latest Grand Theft Auto IV be able to take the crown. Available now for around £34.99 from all leading outlets.

In-game footage