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BBC to reboot a new six part series of Robot Wars

The much loved technological game Robot wars is scheduled to be shown again for a new six part series on BBC2 which will once again see a whole bunch of new devices, with perhaps some old favourites. These will, we imagine, take advantage of the advance of lithium batteries, materials and computing that have moved dramatically on since the show was first aired in 1998.

We are not yet aware of the rules of the new show, but could it be that we may see drone technology adapted by the competitors? When it was first shown in the 1990’s the programme attracted audiences of around six million as they watched a series of both amateurs and professionals compete with their own home made robots, fighting in friendly as well as tournament contests.

Shall we see once again the “House Robots” that the contestants had to avoid; the show would not be the same without them would it. Although the show was last seen on our screens in 2004, the popularity never waned as competitions are still taking place in sports halls and theatres across the country.

We are told that at least one of the previous winners of the show will not be returning, Tornado who beat viewers favourite Razer is not, according to its creator Andrew Marchant, going to make a return in the new series, although he did not rule out a return of Tornado at some future date. There is better news for Razer though, Ian Lewis who created the robot along with his colleague Simon Scott has not ruled out a return for the robot which is remembered for destroying House Robot Matilda, naturally a slightly updated version of the original, commented Lewis. Perhaps we may see again House Robots Shunt and Sir Killalot, we will have to wait until the show hits our screens.



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