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Apple music now reaches 10 million subscriber mark

The battle for the online streaming music service shows no sign of letting up as Apple has just announced that it now has over 10 million paid subscribers across the 100-plus countries in which it is available. That in itself is a wonderful achievement, even more so when it is realised that the figure is half as many as Spotify the Swedish company which launched in 2008, compared to Apple Music which launched just over six months ago.

There are no up to date figures for Spotify, but the company’s head of PR Jonathon Prince is reported to have said: ” Spotify’s number of paid subscribers grew by 5 million during the first six months of 2015,” if this is the case then clearly they seemed to have weathered the onslaught of Apple coming onto the music scene.

Spotify does have a free tier which Apple does not, this means that they have a reported has 75 million active users. The last official figures released by Apple showed that it had 6.5 million paid users back in October, only just over 3 months since launch. Apple does of course have a free trial period of three months; this automatically becomes a $9.99 per month subscription service unless this is cancelled at the end of the free period. Both music streaming services charge the same amount unless they are iTunes users of Spotify, which then costs $12.99 monthly to cover the extra charged by the Apple store.



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