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Netflix and chill in an autonomous Volvo

Teaming up with Ericsson, Swedish car maker Volvo made an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which said that it was working closely with Ericsson to develop HD streaming television in its future self-driving cars, this will allow the occupants of the car to watch all their favourite shows in HD.

One problem which has been acknowledged by Volvo is the question of bandwidth, but it is hoping that its close association with the Swedish technology company will enable a high quality, interruption-free experience in its cars whilst on the move. Drawing on the expertise of Ericsson’s network and cloud expertise, it is hoped that the partnership will be able to overcome the bandwidth problem.

It is believed that by using Ericsson’s support in terms of networking and cloud services for Volvo’s in-car streaming plans, Volvo said that by predicting your route and looking ahead at network conditions, it would be possible to deliver an uninterrupted service.

The future for this seems to be based on the knowledge that 70% of all mobile data traffic will be from video in the coming years; it is this area that Ericsson with their network and cloud expertise, will play a major role in the concept car.

With announcements on driverless cars being made almost on a daily basis, the tome when they are seen on our roads seems to be taking a step closer.



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