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Vtech is the latest victim of hackers

Many will be asking if there is any stopping them as children’s toy company Vtech is the latest victim of hackers, with millions of children’s accounts being hacked. We understand that the data which has been stolen includes names and addresses, pictures as well as logs of chats. The company said that they were investigating the total extent of the intrusion, but they did concede that their database was not as secure as it might have been.

The extent of the hack as far as we can tell is that over 11 million accounts have been affected which breaks down to 6,368,509 children’s accounts and 4,854,209 parental accounts. Vtech said that the most affected countries were: USA (2,894,091 children) France (1,173,497 children) and the UK with 727,155 children’s accounts being hacked.

Although we understand from V tech that 16 countries have been the victim of the hackers, this cannot be completely verified as they list Latin America as a single country, which makes the accurate total uncertain.

For an organisation such as Vtech not to know that the breach had taken place until they were told by a journalist, ten days after the event suggest that the security does need some attention. Customers were finally advised of the breach thirteen days after it had taken place. No credit cards were stolen and currently there are 14 Vtech services offline. Chat logs were accessed, but the Vice technology site Motherboard said that only undelivered messages were stored on the company servers.

Vtech have released details of the information compromised which included; parent account information including name, email address, secret question and answer for password retrieval, plus iP address, as well as mailing address. Children’s details of name, genders and birthdates were accessed too.



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