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Amazon and Clarkson demonstrate the proposed new delivery service

If the new Amazon drone does get developed further and becomes a reality then our beleaguered Royal Mail service looks as though it could be dealt another blow. The idea may sound a little far-fetched, real “Boys Own” stuff, but it has been demonstrated by Amazon in company with Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, showing that the new “hybrid” drone design that can switch between vertical and horizontal flight.

The advertisement was shown on YouTube with Clarkson praising the all new drone delivery service, Amazon Prime Air, describing it as a modern miracle, as the ad very cleverly cuts to a shot of a father and mother using an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet to place an order for their daughter’s shoes, that by using the new system, promises delivery in 30 minutes or less.

We do see the rectangular blue-and-white drone, certainly very different to the black quadrocopter drone Amazon showed off in its announcement earlier this year; the new one has a remarkable look of the Google Project X wing drone. The new design, as Clarkson points out, will rise vertically to the maximum allowed 400 feet before switching to a forward motion which currently will fly straight for 15 miles.

Before this service can become a reality, both Amazon as well as the FAA will have a lot of negotiating to do before it can literally get off the ground. Amazon cannot, as yet, put a date on when the Prime Air service will come into operation, and in a statement they say they will not launch Prime Air until we are able to demonstrate safe operations, they went on to add that it will only be deployed after they have the necessary regulatory support.



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