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Sony follows Fox and announces Ultra HD films on disc

It seems a long time ago when the war between VHS and Betamax was in full cry and both Philips and Sony decided, very sensibly in most people’s eyes to co-operate when it came to the DVD which is now universal. There have been a lot of improvements since 1994 and just like television the picture quality has improved beyond recognition.

The latest development form Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is that they have also decided to release batch of films in Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc including The Amazing Spider Man, Salt, Hancock, Chappie, Pineapple Express and the Smurfs. The studio has announced that others will follow which will include television as well as new release film.

In is believed in some quarters that here will be over 100 million Ultra HD television sets in homes by 2019 and clearly Sony and Fox are keen to cash in on this.  Tewntieth Century Fox Home Entertainment first announced their Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc releases in 2015 at the 2015 IFA in Berlin in September of this year. Samsung also announced plans that they intended to produce the world’s first Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player at the IFA.

To illustrate the difference that Ultra HD will bring, it features four times the resolution of HD, which in itself is a huge improvement over standard picture quality, so many will be waiting in anticipation of something special.

Sony of course has a huge catalogue of film in their library and potential viewers can expect anticipate seeing epics such as The Da Vinci Code, Crouching Tiger, Ghostbusters, not to mention many classics such as Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge over the River Kwai, and the Guns of Navarone amongst many more.

Film “buffs” can expect a wealth of films in high quality to be in their living rooms in the future and DVD rental suppliers and sellers some good business too.



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