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Blackberry joins the Android club and the Priv is now on sale in the UK

Once the must have item for any business man with its keyboard and Blackberry messaging service, it was the take away office system that sourced your emails. Not just business men but the younger generation that loved the “BBM” to chat to their friends also on the Blackberry system.

Take the new Blackberry out of the box and it looks like any other smartphone, but it is not quite the same. A keyboard slides out from beneath the phone and it begins to look just the same as the Curves and others that we fondly remember. The engineering on the Priv is clever and although it is slightly thicker than a Samsung it is still quite thin. There is one other major difference, the operating system is the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Blackberry Priv 2

It is a known fact that the Blackberry was famous for its security, yet another reason for it being a favoured business tool, and it still is as the Canadian maker has included some of the safety features from before, it has loaded DTEK into the Android which will give users an extra layer of security making privacy safe. The battery life is also very good and Blackberry is claiming a very impressive 22.5 hours when used on mixed applications. The screen size is also similar the Samsung edge at 5.4 inches.

The camera is no slouch either at 18 megapixels and the price tag for those buying outright will be set at £579.99 sim free, or £32.50 being the cheapest we have seen with an upfront payment of £79.99. We understand that Carphone Warehouse is already accepting orders and the first batch has gone out on November 6th with networks O2,Vodafone and EE, as well as the Carphone Warehouse own iD network.

Blackberry Priv 1

This could be a make or break for the Canadian firm which has had some problems over the past year or so.



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