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Disney unveil new device to give parents control over their Wi-Fi network

They though that they were on to a really great idea, but for Circle With Disney it all went wrong when they discovered that it locked down the kid’s devices from afar! The idea was that for the small sum of just $99 parents could see what their children were could access through a connection to the WiFi network, but it has all been sorted.

Just to give an example, if one of them was watching too much You Tube then the mum or dad could restrict the time that the smartphone was used to say an hour maximum. The app has been improved to how it categorises the content and a big plus has been the partnership with Disney that has a load of age appropriate content. Naturally this is something that parent will trust and although trust might seem an odd word when we are talking in the context of a “Big Brother” application, but it has to be better than the kids looking at in appropriate footage, think more of Circle as a big parent not dad grabbing the phone.

Disney Circle 1

Now as we know a router called Skydog did a similar thing, but that was killed off by a Comcast acquisition, Amazon has free time which lets the parents set a profile based restriction on devices. The approach from Circle is more like a remote control, not a set free time, it was decided early in the development that hey did not want another router Circle with Disney is a different item all together, simple to set up as well as manage from the app.

Being a Kickstarter hopeful it might be regarded as another on of those failures it certainly did not raise enough funds, but now with Disney on board it has the benefit of adding their illustrious name to a kickstarter product, which few parent may have trusted. Some might argue that Disney creates a typical nanny state, well good nannies are very hard to come by.