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The Fairphone2 Modular Phone arrives this December

Although it will only be available to selected countries, for the time being anyway, this new Android smartphone is offering something that is new. Android phones are coming to the market in increasing numbers, so it is important that manufacturers offer customers something that has an edge over their competitors.

Dutch start up came along with something that is different, the way that the phone is manufactured as well as sold; they have in fact, being doing this for a while now. It all began in 2013 when they raised €7.5 million, which equates at the moment to around £5.5 million, to design and produce an ethically sourced smartphone. The idea was to minimise the usage of conflict minerals, which are those that have usually been sourced from conflict zones, mainly Africa.

The phone was built and designed by an original design manufacturer (ODM), they design and manufacture products specified and are eventually sold by a third party. This phone is different in as much as it is really about the supply chain and not about the phone, which just needed to work as well as any other smartphone.

Following on from that concept, Fairphone earlier this year announced the Fairphone2 which was designed right from scratch by the company, but it has a rather unique feature. With this phone users are actively encouraged to easily disassemble the phone themselves, swap or upgrade parts. This will enable them to use and keep the phone longer than any other similar smartphone, in other words it is a modular device!

Currently the phone is priced quite competitively at €525 (£390), the projected life is thought to be around five years and in this time customers can buy spare parts to fix any issues, as well as receive software updates. The company expects to go into mass production of the device this coming November and ship out soon after.

The technical specs are: Android 5.1, Snapdragon 801 SoC, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, it has an 8MP f/2.2 rear-facing camera, a 2420mAh battery, 5-inch Full HD LCD, two micro SIM card slots and a micro SD expansion slot and of course it is modular.



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