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Apple sets its sights on an electric car by 2019

Apple Mac early computers, iPods, iPhones, iPads and finally watches, Apple has people queueing all night to get the latest product, but will they be just as enthusiastic about an Apple car?

Reports in the Wall Street Journal suggest that Apple is targeting a major effort to create its first electric car; it has committed employees and resources to get the car ready for an unveiling in 2019. Sources are claiming the project is called Titan, for this Apple has drawn in an extra swathe of employees from across the company and the original number of 600 has been tripled.

This clearly demonstrates how committed the company is to getting the car out a year ahead of the original date of 2020, they have also called upon the expertise of number of people from the auto industry, necessary as Apple clearly has no experience in making or designing cars.

Although Apple is still anxious to build an autonomous car at some time in the future, the current project will not fit that bill, a sensible move as regulations will not be in place for these vehicles for some time, and Apple is continuing visiting various Department of Motor Vehicles offices.

As it might be expected, interest from the public is building and although the 2019 date is one the company are aiming for, this does not mean that the car will be ready. In general terms this means that it could be when engineers have signed off on all the features, some familiar with the project have already expressed doubt about how feasible the date is. We shall know in four years’ time.



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