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Faulty iPhone 6 Plus cameras will be replaced free by Apple

It is no secret that a number of users of the iPhone6 Plus have reported poor quality imaging when using the smartphone’s ‘iSight’ rear cameras. Apple has responded by saying that they have announced replacement program for those smartphones with faulty cameras.

The camera on the iPhone6 is regarded as one of the best in the smartphones with the five-element lens, an f/2.2 aperture and “autofocus with Focus Pixels”, but Apple has acknowledged that in a small number of cases the iSight camera has a faulty component that may fail causing the photos to look blurry.

From what we understand the ‘phones which are affected are amongst the first batch to be sold which was largely confined to the months from September 2014 and January 2015. Apple confirmed that any ‘phones that were affected would have their cameras replaced absolutely free and they have issued serial number checkers for iPhone users to see if they are eligible for the Apple free replacement programme. It is no use going to your phone service provider they will be unable to help you. It is absolutely necessary to go directly to Apple for them to deal with the problem.

To take part in the replacement programme you will have to make an appointment with an Apple store, or alternatively you can contact technical support who will help you. A word of caution here, Apple has said that they will only replace the camera free of charge, any other damage to the ‘phone will not be undertaken free and all data should be backed up before parting with the ‘phone. Any damage that is evident to the iPhone will have to be rectified before the replacement camera is fitted and this may incur a charge.

Picture: Denys Prykhodov /